Through Life Stages: Professional Counseling Services - Dr.Isabel E. Kaufman Licensed Mental Health Clinical Counselor
Forensics is the interaction of the practice or study of the law. We work directly with attorneys, defendants, offenders, victims, pupils, families, or with patients within the state's corrections or rehabilitation centers.  They may work in colleges, universities, government agencies, or in other settings interested in researching and examining the interaction of human behavior, criminology, and the legal system. Forensic Experts  often come from a wide variety of education, training, and work experiences. Forensic Experts working in applied forensic settings may provide a multitude of services, too many to fully describe here. Generally though Forensic Experts working in corrections may attend to the mental healthcare needs of inmates including, screening, psychological assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, anger management, crisis management, court-ordered evaluations, or daily inpatient rounds. They may also consult with prison staff, inmate attorneys, advocates, and court systems on a variety of mental health related topics or recommendations garnered as a result of psychological assessment. Forensic Experts working directly with attorneys may provide psychological assessment, personality assessment, assessment of mitigating factors, assessment of sexual offenders, competency evaluations, and recommendations for parental custody or visitation, to list just a few. Experts working in police departments often provide services for the department employees, such as counseling or crisis management. Forensic Experts working in forensic research or academic settings may teach or research on any topic in which the law interacts. The field seems limitless. To name a few popular areas: criminal profiling, crime trends, effective mental health treatment for offenders, effective treatment for substance abusers, techniques for jury selection, impact of divorce, custody, separation, visitation on children. The list goes on.